Fidgets are a wonderful self directed tool that improves attention by stimulating focus through creating an outlet for anxieties. Also fidgets stimulate mental activity by encouraging both sides of the brain to work together, through the movement of both hands. For a more thorough explanation on how fidgets work visit:

Wooden Fidget Puzzle made by ToysmithThis is an excellent item, because it’s quite, making it perfect for in the classroom.  Check your local teacher supply store for availability.

 Aaron’s Crazy This item is similar to Silly Putty, however it’s oil based, which keeps it from drying out, and each package has it’s own properties: glow in the dark, magnetic, hyper color…etc.It’s made by Americans with Disabilities, and has become extremely popular in the last few  years. I would not recommend using it over carpet, as the putty is nearly impossible to remove once embedded. This however is another great fidget that doesn’t produce much noise. Check with your students teacher before purchasing, as teachers seem to be divided on whether they allow this particular item to be permitted in their classroom. Aaron’s Putty has been carried by Learning Palace, and Craft Warehouse.

Tangleswww.tanglecreations.comTangles are a great fidget. There is no noise involved, and the pieces stay together really well. Once in a while they may snap apart, but they easily snap back together.Highly recommend.

Twiddlewww.twiddlenow.comTwiddles are another fidget, which come in many colors and glow in the dark. Twiddles are made up of many interlocking facets, which allow this fidget to be manipulated in many different forms. They were also created to snap apart to aide with anger management. Since the pieces can be removed, it’s possible to turn one twiddle into two, which can be helpful when purchasing for multiple people to  use. I highly recommend reading testimonials concerning this product.

 Geo TwisterCreated by DaMert Company-Produced by Toysmith- I believe this particular fidget would be excellent for kids with dyslexia, as most children with dyslexia see in three dimensional forms. The Geo Twister is made up of geometrical shapes, which are all connected, allowing the child to manipulate the fidget into different three dimensional shapes.

Iso FlexAn Iso Flex is a stress ball filled with micro beads, creating more of a sensory feel. Not only is an Iso Flex useful as a fidget, but it’s also effective in strengthening hand muscles, which can be beneficial in improving penmanship.





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